About Aikyou

Aikyou is a small loving Balinese cattery situated in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark.
My name is Trine and I’m the person behind Aikyou. I grew up with dogs, but I have had cats for most of my adult life. The first one was a beautiful Russian Blue, unfortunately she is no longer with us. I have always adored pointed cats and I have been fascinated by the huge personality of the Siamese, however I found it a little too extreme in appearance. When I discovered the Balinese, which of course is a longhaired Siamese and thus has a softer appearance, I was in love. 12 years ago I finally had my first Balinese and since then there has been no doubt that this is the breed for me.

aikyou_diplom_opdraetterI have been playing with the idea of breeding for a long time and three years ago I decided to do something about it. Quite a while would pass before I found my first breeding cat and still more time before she was old enough to have her first litter. I spent the waiting time learning more about breeding. For instance I have complete Felis Danica’s Breeder Education. I am also webmaster for Dansk Siameser og Orientaler Ring


As a breeder I believe my prime objective is to breed healthy cats with a lovely temperament. As I have decided to breed pedigree cats, it is of course important to me that my cats are also beautiful and that they comply with the breed standard as much as possible. However, the breed standard is open to interpretation. In recent years the direction has been towards increasingly large ears, whereas other attributes, such as coat quality, colour contrast, the size, colour and shape of the eyes has faded into the background. Personally I do not agree with this direction, as I prefer cats which are harmonious in personality as well as appearance.

Cattery name

Aikyou is a Japanese word. It means charm, charming and charmer and is pronounced like this:

In Japan the signs with which a name is written are of great importance and are thus chosen with great care. When I had to choose my cattery name I was inspired by the some of the qualities that I love the most about the breed and that I hope my kittens will be blessed with.

With Japanese signs Aikyou is written like this: 愛嬌
愛 (ai) means love and affection
嬌 (kyou) means attractive