Alexander and Brianna had kittens

On March 29th 2017 Brianna and Alexander became parents for the first time. The litter consists of 6 lovely balinese kittens, all boys, of the following colours: chocolate point, lilac point and lilac tabby point. They are roaming the house at full speed so obviously, they have been named after fancy cars. More info here.

Bianca is now Champion

Today Bianca and Alexander was at a cat show. Bianca received her third CAC and is thereby Champion. It was Alexanders first and most likely Bianca’s last show, as she is no longer comfortable being examined by the judges.

Bianca’s first litter

Bianca gave birth to her first litter between November 8th and 9th. There were 3 kittens in total, two Balinese and one Oriental Longhair. It was a long and tough ordeal for poor little Bianca and unfortunately the little oriental kitten was stillborn. Now mother and the two kittens are doing well.